Unwrap Your Pearly Whites

Your smile is a gift, capable of spreading holiday cheer to everyone you meet. Don’t let tooth damage and staining prevent you from sharing your gift with the world! The expert team of dentists and hygienists at Derna Dental in Surrey is here to help you unwrap your smile with our comprehensive dentistry services. Call today to book an end of year appointment before your dental insurance renews!

It’s the season of holiday food, friends and festivities. A broken or missing tooth can weaken your remaining teeth and prevent you from freely chewing, smiling and laughing. Restorative dentistry from Derna Dental will repair your damaged teeth using a variety of procedures, from placing bridges and crowns to crafting dental implants and dentures. With a full set of strong, healthy teeth you can finally chew and smile with confidence.

If your mouth is otherwise healthy but stained and yellowed teeth are making you self-conscious, our cosmetic dentistry treatments will recover the snow-white appearance of your smile. We offer both traditional and ‘Zoom!’ teeth whitening procedures as well as dental veneers to make your teeth shine.

Have a care-free holiday season with quality dental treatments from Derna Dental! Call our clinic in Surrey to book a holiday checkup or reserve an appointment for the new year!