Mouthguards from your Surrey Dental Practice

Do you participate in active sports? A great idea, and one that we always suggest at our Delta dentist, is a mouthguard. A simple mouthguard can save you from a costlier implant procedure, where you may have to replace teeth that have been knocked out.

Another common condition ideal for mouthguards is referred to as bruxism, where people clench and grind their teeth (in some cases while sleeping), speeding up tooth wear and tear.

Whatever your case, when it pertains to mouth guards, your Surrey dental practice, Derna Dental Clinic, provides a number of various types for our patients:

Stock mouthguards – These are pre-formed mouthguards that are molded to fit many mouth sizes. They’re normally looser and bulkier than other mouthguards and can hinder breathing and talking. We usually do not recommend these, as they do not really offer much in the way of security.

Boiled mouthguards – These mouthguards are made from a thermoplastic substance  that reacts to warm water. You boil them briefly, then put the mouthguard on your teeth to try and form a standard mold.

Customized mouthguards – If you’re looking for optimum security, this is your best choice. When you go to Derna Dental Clinic, you get a custom-made mouthguard mold made, separately designed by your dental practitioner to allow proper breathing and speaking while used. This might be a bit more than getting an inexpensive mouthguard from the nearby sports store, but trust us when we say that the comfort and security is worth the investment.

Mouthguards are frequently made for both the upper and lower teeth. If you experience teeth grinding while sleeping or play active sports, a special mouthguard may be perfect for you. Wanting to get a mouthguard made just for you? Contact our Fleetwood dental workplace to schedule a dental evaluation!

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