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I recently received impressions from Derna Dental. As always, my experience was delightful and I tell all my friends and family about visiting Dr. Ben!

Vicki M.

I have been seeing Dr. Ben-Khaial since 1992. I don’t really like having dental treatment done but I don’t mind seeing Dr. Ben for my dental treatment. I find Dr. Ben’s office to be very clean with the most current equipment and materials. The staff is very friendly, efficient and willing to assist. I would happily recommend Dr. Ben’s office.

Walter F.

Derna Dental is great! I had a root canal and never experienced any pain. It’s not nearly as bad at they say it can be! Your staff is the best, very professional and highly-skilled! Thanks for the wonderful continued service!

Ian T.

Patient, Humorous, Respectful, Understanding, Informative, Compassionate, Helpful….. These are just a few ways to describe Dr. Ben and the staff at Derna Dental. They have gone above and beyond to assist my family on numerous occasions. I would not hesitate to recommend Derna Dental to anyone who would like to receive excellent care at all times.

Kathie B.

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