Sealants from your Fleetwood Dentist

There’s a lot of suggestions out there on ways to avoid dental decay that can cause cavities or root canals. Brush frequently. Floss regularly. Attempt to avoid sugary foods and drinks. However, there’s an extra step you can take that goes even further in preventing tooth decay: sealants.

Sealants are frequently composed of a thin, plastic covering that is painted directly onto the tooth—focusing mostly on chewing surfaces, such as those found in the molars. This shielding coat locks out elements that promote decay. Instead of simply getting rid of the foreign materials that get on your teeth throughout the day, they never ever in fact touch the enamel, and the rotting procedure never has a possibility to begin at all.

Derna Dental Clinic, your Surrey dental practitioner, recommends that children in between 6-14 get sealants because of the higher risk of dental cavity that they deal with. However, sealants can be just as effective in preventative dental care for adults of any ages.

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