Toothaches Are a Pain

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, there are likely some problems in your teeth that require attention. You could be experiencing cavities, infection, or decay, among other problems. Though toothaches are not always severe, it’s worth a call to your local dentist to ensure that the problem is not something that requires additional attention. At Derna Dental Clinic, we’ll help make sure that all your teeth are in great health, so that toothaches can be a thing in the past.

Sensitivity. If you’re experiencing pain when consuming hot or cold food and drinks, it could mean two things: a cavity or sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth is caused by receding gums or erosion of your tooth enamel.

Damaged Teeth. Sharper stabbing pain can be a more serious problem. If you’re experiencing this pain while eating, you could have a cracked tooth or a cavity. Another type of pain is a throbbing, incessant pain. This can be caused by an abscessed tooth or an infection.

Sinusitis. This can occur from pain that is only felt in the upper teeth, usually accompanied with cold-like symptoms including a runny, stuffy nose.

Jaw Pain. Trauma and injury to the jaw can cause pain in your jaws. If you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping, this could be causing your jaw pain.

If you’re feeling jaw pain and toothaches, it may be time to take a visit to your nearby Derna Dental Clinic. Don’t wait to see if the problem will go away. If the problem is due to a larger issue with your teeth, waiting could cause the problem to escalate. Drop by our location in Surrey and we’ll help you ensure that your oral health is the best it possibly can be.