preventative dentistry

Preventative Dentistry: The Key To A Healthy Smile

Whether it’s a broken tooth or advanced gum disease, serious dental emergencies are painful for your mouth and your wallet. So understandably it is preferable to avoid costly dental problems with preventative dentistry from Derna Dental Clinic in Surrey. We provide a variety of services to help you keep your teeth clean and avert serious dental problems.


It’s a common joke that hockey players all have missing teeth but, in reality, losing a tooth is no laughing matter. While we are proud to provide dental implants to our patients requiring replacement teeth, most would prefer to preserve their original smile with preventative dentistry. That’s why we offer a selection of stock, boiled, and customized mouthguards to protect your teeth.


When food debris and plaque are allowed to accumulate on your teeth, they can create acid in your mouth. If the enamel on your teeth is worn away by bacteria and acidity, you may become more prone to severe tooth decay and other dental issues. Fluoride treatments from Derna Dental Clinic can help protect your teeth and preserve the overall health of your mouth.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

When it comes to preventative dentistry in Surrey, the most important step is to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings twice a year. Our expert team of dental hygienists will clean hardened plaque from your teeth and provide tips on how to keep your teeth their best. Contact Derna Dental Clinic today to learn more about preventative dentistry and request your next appointment!