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Having Toothaches? We Can Help

If you find that you’re having jaw pain, likely there is some problem in your teeth or jaw that is causing you pain. It could be due to tooth decay, a tooth fracture, infected gums, or some other problem. Proper identification and treatment of these dental problems is important not only for your own comfort and oral health, but also to prevent infection from spreading to other parts of your face. At Derna Dental, we want to help you live a comfortable, healthy life. Located in Surrey, we will help identify and treat any causes of jaw pain that you have in our modern, comfortable clinic.

The type of treatment that we can offer for your toothache depends on the cause of it. If a cavity is causing the toothache, we can help fill in the cavity or extract the tooth if the damage is severe. If we discover that you have a infection in the tooth’s nerve, a root canal may be necessary due to the bacteria that has gathered in the inner parts of your tooth. If there is fever or swelling in the jaw, we can prescribe antibiotics to cure it.

Most toothaches are a result of tooth decay. By following proper hygiene practices, you can help prevent toothache from ever happening. Good hygiene practices involve regular brushing, rinsing, and coming in to your local dentist at Derna Dental for professional cleaning.

If you’re experience jaw pain, stop by Derna Dental, located along Fraser Highway. Our team of dental professionals will be happy to help.