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How to Fight Bad Breath

If you struggle with halitosis or chronic bad breath, it’s natural to try and mask the odor with gum to avoid embarrassment. However, many people don’t realize mints, gum and hard candies can actually make the problem worse. When it comes to covering bad breath, the benefits of mints are short-lived and the additional sugar can contribute to tooth decay and halitosis. If you’re having trouble eliminating bad breath, read our tips on how to fight halitosis and call the dental hygiene experts at Derna Dental Clinic in Surrey.

Brush Smarter

One of the most common causes of chronic bad breath is improper or insufficient brushing. It’s important to make sure you are spending a full two minutes brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Ensure you’re also flossing every day to prevent food debris from accumulating between your teeth. Maintaining excellent dental hygiene will help prevent gum disease, tooth decay and the accumulating of food particles, all of which can contribute to bad breath.

Talk to your dentist

If improving your home cleaning routine doesn’t successfully eliminate your halitosis, talk to the dental hygiene professionals at Derna Dental Clinic. A dental hygienist can help you identify gaps in your brushing routine or recommend other ways of fighting bad breath. In some cases, it may be helpful to take note of any and all over-the-counter medications you are using and ask a dentist if any of them could be causing bad breath.

To learn more about eliminating bad breath through dental hygiene or to request an appointment, call Derna Dental Clinic in Surrey today!