Are Your Child’s Teeth Erupting?

So it’s time for your child’s first dental appointment, but you’re not sure which dentist to go to make sure that the visit is seamless and all of your child’s oral health concerns are addressed. You could go to your regular dentist, but while they might be able to take care of your teeth, their skills may specialize in dealing with an adult’s set of teeth rather than a growing child’s. While they’re growing, your child’s teeth can undergo many changes, from when it begins to erupt until it starts falling out and being replaced with permanent adult teeth.

It’s due to these changes that you want a dentist that is trained in pediatric dentistry. A child’s growing stages can be tumultuous as they learn and become older, but with the proper care, their teeth doesn’t have to be part of their growing pains. At Derna Dental we know the importance of maintaining a child’s tooth, so we attempt to make each visit to the dentist smooth and pleasant. Each of our treatments will be explained to you and your child so that they can understand exactly what is being done to their teeth and how it helps them. Depending on the state of their teeth, we will make recommendations on care that they can provide for their teeth on their own.

So if you’re wondering which dentist to go for to ease your child’s growing teeth in, Derna Dental will give your kids the gentle treatment they need to ensure that their teeth grows in the best health. With us, a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be frightening, and it can be a trip that your children can end up looking forward to.

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